Hi! I’m Jenny. I have three beautiful crazy children. They are the reason I am who I am today, no questions about it. When I work for you, I am also working for them. I enjoy watching my son play baseball, my eldest daughter play volleyball, and my youngest dance. In my spare time, which is a rare commodity, you can find me enjoying new beaches across the globe or finding a new favorite cabana not far from the beach. I truly enjoy spending time building and continuing relationships with family and friends.   

I have spent many years on the investment side of real estate. This includes owning residential investment properties, commercial holdings, building out commercial franchises, staging, property management, and everything in-between. All of this experience has led me to recognize what I love most, helping others find a place to call home. Your home should feel like a sanctuary, a place of safety and refuge. Building relationships and making you happy is extremely joyful and rewarding. When I know that I’ve made a difference in your life by helping you find your home, that is magic for me. That is what this all about and what I find deeply fulfilling. I am confident that I will always go the extra mile for all of my relationships. I will be that professional relationship where you look back on and say, “Wow that was a great experience!”  I will always strive to give you my best.