Growing up in New York City, I never imagined that one day Minnesota would be my home. My family moved to the “Minnie Apple” in 2007.  In the past 10 years, I have fallen in love with Minnesota and its people. I love exploring the city and learning about its hidden gems. I am honored to call the Twin Cities my home.

My interest in real estate began while learning about the local history that shaped different neighborhoods. While earning my Business and Economics degrees from Ripon College, I studied the importance of real estate and property. As one of the few assets to truly hold value over time, real estate benefits from thoughtful analytics and data collection. My approach to successfully assisting my clients buy and sell homes is rooted in real time market analysis. Analytics aside, I am passionate about creating custom solutions for my clients. Everyone deserves a truly personalized approach in order to realize their real estate goals. Coupling analytics with premium customer care helps fulfill my goal of providing a smooth and stress free experience.

Outside of real estate, I am a nature, food, and car enthusiast. As a former competitive mountain biker, I can be found enjoying Minnesota’s beautiful parkland with my adventure pup, Theo. If not in nature, I’m most likely enjoying the vibrant food scene near my neighborhood of Downtown Minneapolis.