I studied at the University of Minnesota where I pursued studies in journalism and graphic design. During those college years surrounded by many creative peers and influences, I developed diverse tastes in art and design that I try to use as fuel in my everyday practices. I strongly believe in authenticity in every aspect of what I do. My work resonates this value as well as the choices that I make every single day. Along with my studies, much of my time has been spent developing a focus in photography. I love being behind a camera in a variety of environments where I am able to frame a single moment for someone else. I love the creative and distinct opportunities photography allows me to have. Everyday I find a new facet to it that pushes me. It also allows me to enhance my creative thinking and problem solving skills. At Engel and Völkers as the Marketing Coordinator, I am able to help advisors with their marketing and creative needs that distinguishes themselves in their business. I love that in my role I get to learn something new every day. Each project and every advisor has a different need for their specific growth, which continues to push me and aids in my growth as a creative.