A little bit about my story... I was born in central Minnesota, migrated to Texas for a while and landed back in Minneapolis after meeting my wife. We are married, with two children and we live in the Shoreview area. I’m a Minnesotan through and through, whether it’s cheering on any of our sports teams, spending time at the lakes, fishing or enjoying hiking. Everything that Minnesota has to offer is what I have always fallen in love with. Family is number one to us. We want to fill our children’s lives with moments and memories that will shape them as they grow. We hope that they can look back at their lives and see mom, dad and family as the central theme of their youth. I live for sports, nature, a good cup of coffee, spaces that motivate and inspire me, and relationships that matter.

My passion is story and it’s what drives my role as a Realtor. Hearing the story that my clients are writing: where they have been, where they are at and where they want to be. It’s from this place that I love to come along as a guide and help my clients land in the perfect setting from which their story will be birthed. I know how important the setting is and it’s a weight I carry with a great deal of responsibility. I believe I am here to impact the stories of those around me for the better, it’s that belief that motivates the minutes of my days.