My name is Eric Utoft, your Real Estate Advisor. A family man. I grew up in Minnetonka with two brothers, one sister and naturally, a house full of a substantial amount of competitive energy. Perhaps the birthing ground of a professional edge that I carry with me still.

My initial interest in Real Estate began when I was just out of high school. I found myself intimidated by the overwhelming amount of opportunity and choice that lay before me and shied away from my true passion. After obtaining my business degree at Concordia University where I played baseball--Like many, I began my pursuit towards a corporate America job, (or so I thought). I am also a God-fearing man. To my surprise and his doing, years later my exact passion fell into my lap. I would call it luck, but luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and opportunity looks a whole lot like hard work. Hard work that payed off! I began my Real Estate career in 2012 joining then business partner and now broker, Geoff Bray. In four years’ time, I have grown into my own team of passionate individuals with a combined wealth of knowledge in the real estate industry. The Eric Utoft Group is powered by its extensive support system comprised of multiple Real Estate Advisors, a Marketing Specialist, Technology Specialist and Client Service Specialist. Whether a client is a first time home buyer or empty nester moving towards retirement, we work together to create a lifelong relationship with our clients, providing them an experience that is unparalleled. We will not only be your preferred Real Estate Advisor, we are a concierge for life!

Currently, I reside in Deephaven with my wife Christie and our two children, Thomas and Charlie. As second time home buyers, I have a great appreciation for the complexity that exists in today’s market. It is with great pleasure, integrity, honesty and passion that I assist you through the process of obtaining your dream home.